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SelfCare Goodies for Physical & Mental Health, Self-Love Items to Feel Great about Yourself, and Personal Growth Tools For Becoming Your Best Self. In addition to all the tangible goodies, our boxes also include VIP Access to the Living Your Best Life Mastermind and Life Coaching with our Certified Speaker and Life Coach. Our boxes are shipped quarterly and are different each quarter. 


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The Self-care Specialist Box is a quarterly subscription service delivering four boxes each calendar year (one per season). You can sign-up for either a Quarterly Plan (billed automatically every three months) or save with an Annual Plan (billed once per year).

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get in my selfcare specialist box?

While the boxes change quarterly, what you can always expect your box to be filled with 7-12 must have seasonal goodies for destressing, relaxing, pampering, and empowering you. These items will always include a combination of mindfulness awareness journals, planners, and/or coloring books, candles, sage, oils, apparel, accessories, beauty products, home goods, self care tips, challenges, playlists, yoga sequences, group coaching and vip mastermind access and MORE. The fun is the mystery!!!

Where is my order?

Boxes are shipped quarterly (every 3 months) by the 10th of the month. During our grand opening boxes will be shipped April 10, 2021.

When will my first box ship?

Our boxes ship the second weekend of the month. The first week of the month for most people is when the mortgage, car note, insurance, and bills are due. After all of that, we feel you deserve a special delivery that's specifically for pampering, nurturing, loving and cultivating YOU.

How long does it take to process my order?

Your order will generally ship within 30 days upon successful billing. 

We work diligently to put all the finishing touches on your order before it is shipped out. Meticulously hand packing your Self-care Specialist box with love.

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